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Energetic Management System

aem packet

Energetic Management System

Energetic Management System:
Your Transformational Tool Kit

(Instantly Accessible Online/Downloadable E-Guidebook & Video Package)

Energetic Management System, E-Guidebook

Energetic Management System, 6-Part Video Series

Important: This is my no frills or fluff, to the point, condensed how-to process. Everything you need to transform yourself quickly and easily. It has all you need to Master your Energy and Master your State.

  • Are you tired of Procrastinating, feeling out of Control and going into Fight/Flight?
  • Are you in need of a Tool kit that can energetically launch you from 0 to 60 in seconds?
  • What if you could finally learn how to master your energy so that you could powerfully shift out of any debilitating state of mind?

  • We all know that your physical condition has been scientifically linked to your mentality… If you don't have the tools to shift your mental State of Being then you are hindered in your capacity to live fully.

    From the moment you are born till now, your life is a multitude of adjustments, shifts and changes. You get to choose how to perceive them through your choice of Perspective…

    Are they opportunities or challenges, experiences of victimhood or growth?

    This continuous process of choosing our Perspective occurs on all levels consciously or unconsciously… And not just physically, emotionally but at the very foundation of all life - Spiritually. It is at this foundational level, the Superconscious, Vibrational level that all shifts are born.

    With the Energetic Management System you take charge of your experience of reality through vibrational alignment.

    In other words, what's unfolding with the quality of your health, are tangible results you may use to assess the integrity of your vibrational state.

    Without judgment, you take action by utilizing your tools to create your personal experience. Self-reflection simply becomes a touchstone to evaluate where you are on your journey.

    The moment you realign with your original vibrational pulse, you come back into integrity with yourself… then every aspect of your life profoundly improves and harmony is restored in your body.

    Energetic Management System E-GuideBook Supports you on your path of reclaiming vital life force energy and enlivening your reality so that you are capable of manifesting and living with Health and Happiness.

    Inside you will have access to the most Powerful Techniques for instantly reclaiming energy:

  • Stop procrastination and overwhelm by learning how to stabilize your system daily.
  • Learn how to gain inner vision to access the portals of your energetic system and open to receive.
  • Take charge of your emotional state and learn how to release the overwhelm, confusion and frustration that blocks your Peace performance.
  • Start to live life your way by clarifying and choosing your emotional status at any given moment.
  • Discover your inner projector and and start playing empowering movies on your mind screen.

  • Energetic Management System 6- part Instructional Video Series:

    Instantly Accessible Online/Downloadable comprised of personal guidance in mastering your Energy and Perspective.

  • Intro: Your Transformational Tool Kit: Overview of the EMS

  • Grounding Technique: How to stay strongly committed and focused on achieving your goals, despite life happenings that can side-swipe you.

  • Body Scanning Process: How to thoroughly scan your body for discovering and locating, trapped energy that promotes illness & disease.

  • Emotional Releasing Exercise: How isolate the trapped emotions that hinder your health and clear them out of your system for release and transmutation.

  • Emotional Replacing Exercise: How to reclaim your power through transmuting and replacing the old emotional baggage into transformational vital life force energy. This will allow you to use your reclaimed energy for fulfilling your goals.

  • Inner Imaging Process: Learn the process of identifying, shifting and eliminating the images you store in your subconscious mind. Shift into creator mode and artistically design your own inner images as inspirational movies connected to your Superconscious Mind.

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