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Integrative Soul Technology

Integrative soul Technology is a process through which we identify "personnas" within you, that drive you to behave in ways that are not in alignment with what you are wanting to create in your life.

Caroline Myss talks about the main archetypes in human behaviorism. A few major ones that she identifies are "the Saboteur", "the Victim", "the Prostitute", "the Wounded Healer". In the same way, Integrative Soul Technology helps us identify many different archetypes or personnas, some being strictly specific to you, as you had your very own set of life experiences.

An Archetype or a personna is a part of you that, at some point in time after a painful experience, broke off from the whole of your soul, and took a "life of its own". It operates out of its own false belief system, and is run by negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger. One person can have dozens of personnas. These broken parts of you, are energies within you that keep attracting the same thing over and over again. The way that the Universe gives you information about what lies within you that needs healing, is by dishing out to you similar results or similar situations in your life over and over again- such as the same kind of romantic partners, or jobs, or whatever experiences that do not fulfill you.

"My last soul integration with Lilia changed me on a very deep level. It was only within a few minutes after starting the session that Lilia pointed out to me the source of my emotional suffering. We integrated one of my many personnas who we called the "finger-bitter" and "smoker". In other words, the part of me who felt repressed because she was always too scared to speak her mind. We realized that this fear came from my early childhood where I had endured rough consequences from speaking from my heart to a family member. While we integrated the person, I felt a lot of pressure being released from my chest and it was quite moving and emotional. Once we were done with the session I felt like a different person, I was filled with a carefree, childlike energy…even my voice had changed! I could speak from my heart again. Since then, I have been expressing myself with great ease. An ease that I had never experienced before."

Christelle, Huntington Beach CA

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