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Acu Energetic Mapping


Acu Energetic Mapping

"The issues are in the tissues"
"Your body is your subconscious mind" -Dr. Candace Pert

What is AEM?

The Acu Energetic Mapping is a process that uses the pain, illnesses and imbalances of the body as a portal to access the negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind.

Each organ has a specific physical, emotional and spiritual purpose to fulfill, and this purpose can get halted or altered because of the negative beliefs held in our subconscious mind, as well as the negative emotional energies held  in the auric field of each organ. 

Your physical body is a map of your subconscious mind, and ultimately, it is a descriptive map of the state of your life romantically, financially, spiritually, career wise, etc..

As an example: A bronchitis is an indication that the lungs are holding onto sadness, sorrow or grief.

Knowing that sadness is being held onto, it is necessary to integrate the parts of the subconscious that carry the sadness. Those parts are called personas. These personas have us engage into negative behaviors, such as isolating ourselves or complaining, or procrastinating. We can label those personas for clarity. For example, a persona that holds sadness may be identified and labeled as "The Lonely one" or the "Rejected one". This persona or energy not only affects the health of the lungs but also our ability to attract and create loving, intimate relationships. 

Why should I use AEM?

All past negative emotions and beliefs are held as energetic blockages in the physical body and may express themselves as personas (behavioral patterns). Those energetic blockages not only may cause discomfort and illnesses in the body, but also are reflected by the state of affairs of our lives,  as they tend to attract negative scenarios and disappointing experiences. Those physiological blockages or personas shape your perception of the world and the perception of your own Self. They literally determine the choices and decisions that you make on a daily basis. They shape your thinking, your perception, your actions and reactions. They definitely limit your "range of motion" in the world. Ultimately, they shape everything in your life. They keep you stuck in your current situation. Dissolving those energetic blockages, allows to re-establish a smooth flow of energy in the body and in all aspects of life.

What are the benefits of AEM?

Clearing, clearing, clearing, and widening your personal power bandwidth. AEM allows you to become aware of where you are losing power. Negative emotions that were not processed and cleared, are huge personal power drains. The more drains, the less power to manifest the life you want. It is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that an emotion held in the body will be "kept alive" by your body by allocating some of its very own life force to it. Hence, if kept too long, it can literally deplete you and make you physically weaker or even ill. In your daily life, it shows up as not being able to follow through with your plans and projects, not being able to generate financial security, not being able to sustain a harmonious romantic relationship, and overall, not being able to behave and make choices that are in alignment with the highest version of your Self.

Once you become aware of an energetic blockage and its origin, you can then clear and transform it through an integrative process called Integrative Soul Technology. This is a method that includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Visualization, TimeLine Therapy and emotional clearing.  You then recover long lost life force and power that is now available to you to create and attract the life that you want, while supporting the onset of healing and recovery of the physical body.

What does the AEM process consists of?

The AEM is a 5 step system, that starts with identifying the illness or imbalance as a physiological pattern in Chinese Medical terminology, and ends with the identification and integration of the corresponding personas that are trapped in your subconscious mind and in your tissues.

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