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Hello, welcome to my website!
My name is Lilia Birem. My message to you is that all that you are currently experiencing in your life is a reflection of your inner world.  All that is present or missing in your life, either good or bad, is but a manifestation in perfect alignment with your beliefs about your self and the world. I am aware that this may be challenging to truly hear and accept the first time around. However, there is a silver lining in it: if your life reflects what lies within you, then you have a lot more control over your own reality than you have ever imagined possible. 

What is also important to know is that you have a purpose to fulfill. If you are reading these words, it means that you already have heard the call of your purpose trying to re-establish a connection with you. Living a life on purpose simply means to live a life that is in alignment with your own personal truth. In other words, it is living a life that is in alignment with your true heart's desires. But to be able to follow the truth of your heart, you must first take back your power...
Indeed, social and familial conditioning has molded us to give up who we are early on, and instead taught us to follow what society values. This translates into following the ego mind rather than our heart. Undoing this solid structure of ego mind conditioning can require a whole lot of courage and determination...but the gifts of doing it are nothing short of blissful: it is the key to our personal freedom, joy, fulfillment and to experiencing true love.
If you are reading these words, then you have  already started the process of moving into your power. 
Evolution of the soul is not about gaining or adding anything inside of you. It is about breaking free from inner bondages that keep us living a lie and consequently resentful and unhappy. Evolution is only about clearing and transforming what already exists within. What already exists most probably worked for you in the past, but became obsolete with time. Your ways of  behaving are an expression of your inner software. What became obsolete are beliefs. Those beliefs gave rise to behaviors that no longer serve you and even work against you today. They became bondages or blockages. The more blockages you hold, the less space you have to experience love, and the less freedom you have to shine your power into the world...It is time to upgrade your system!

My passion and purpose is to facilitate and support as many people as possible with the evolution of their soul, so that they may experience the expression of their True and Empowered Selves. My deepest wish is to support you in the process of revealing who you truly are into the world. It is my prayer that you come to awaken your own personal power and experience true success, love, abundance, and happiness.

With gratitude and love, always


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