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About Lilia


About Lilia

Lilia Birem
Certified Integrative Soul Technology Therapist
     Holistic Life Coach 
   Medical Intuitive
                                                 Acu Energetic Mapping Specialist TM 

Lilia is an international Holistic Life Coach and an Integrative Soul Technology Therapist. She is the creator of the Acu Energetic Mapping Process, a multi-sensory intuitive, and she particularly specializes in medical intuitive assessment. 


In late 2008, Lilia graduated from the Academy for the Soul, where she studied with acclaimed Holistic life coach and "Spiritual Trainer To The Stars" Christel Hughes, C.Ht. During her studies with the Academy, Lilia cultivated great understanding of the determinants of human behavior, the mechanisms of the subconscious mind, the energetic structure of human beings and its implication on spiritual evolution. 


After her undergraduate studies as a pre-medical student at UCLA, Lilia did her graduate studies in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, under Dr. Kim at Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California, a worldwide leader in the field of Acupuncture and a Pioneer in research. The faculty continuously works to bridge the best of Western and Eastern medicines, merging the biological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person to bring about health and wellness.

Lilia developed the Acu Energetic Mapping process, which addresses the physical body aches and illnesses using an Eastern medical model. The process uses the disease as a portal to identifying past emotional pain that blocks current life fulfillment and exposes the blockages and delays in physical healing. 
Lilia facilitates greater levels of awareness in her clients by helping them identify negative beliefs held in their subconscious mind. She supports people not only in shifting their negative beliefs, but also in transmuting the negative and stagnant energy attached to those beliefs that weights them down and effect their spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.
She believes that outdated belief systems and old energy blockages keep people stuck in life, unable to reach their goals and aspirations. She teaches that this inability to expand is the result of false and limited perception of one's Self, either learned, passed down or embedded in the DNA. She believes that shifting deeply seeded negative beliefs and negative emotions is the key to reaching self-actualization, onsetting physical healing, and bringing into manifestation one’s true heart desires. 

Lilia is committed to furthering her knowledge and skills in the processes of evolution of the soul, to support those who seek empowerment, freedom, prosperity and health. 

She currently practices in Beverly Hills, CA and leads workshops that educate, raise consciousness and self-awareness. 


"I continue to diligently work towards bringing myself into alignment with who I truly am. Bringing myself back into integrity with my Higher Self has been the most rewarding process that I have ever undertaken. This personal work has brought my life consistant expansion and higher levels of happiness . I passionately share this work with others so that they may also experience the joy of true fulfillment in all aspects of Life."- Lilia


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