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"My last soul integration with Lilia changed me on a very deep level. It was only within a few minutes after starting the session that Lilia pointed out to me the source of my emotional suffering. We integrated one of my many personas who we called the "finger-bitter" and "smoker". In other words, the part of me who felt repressed because she was always too scared to speak her mind. We realized that this fear came from my early childhood where I had endured rough consequences from speaking from my heart to a family member. While we integrated the persona, I felt a lot of pressure being released from my chest and it was quite moving and emotional. Once we were done with the session I felt like a different person, I was filled with a carefree, childlike energy…even my voice had changed! I could speak from my heart again. Since then, I have been expressing myself with great ease. An ease that I had never experienced before."

Christelle, Huntington Beach CA

"My soul integration sessions with Lilia have been a gift beyond anything I could have ever imagined. She lives by example, and has become my spiritual mentor and guide. During our sessions, Lilia has assisted me in becoming free of the painful belief systems that suffocate my sense of well-being. I now see that I am a beautiful soul with much to offer the world, which is something I never thought I would believe! Lilia’s intuitive nature, generous heart, and constant support, has inspired me to reach for my heart’s desires with confidence and serenity. My life has been forever transformed, and for that, I thank my earth angel!"

Lesley, Venice Ca

"Lilia accompanies you as an impartial witness-guide on your courageous journey of exploration into the labyrinth of unexamined aspects of your consciousness. Holding aloft the torch of inner light for you while you delve into the inner sanctum of your own being, she then expertly escorts you along newly-discovered pathways to greater wholeness, understanding and self expression, safely navigating your return on the voyage home. Lilia is gifted and sensitive, a true intuitive empath. I highly recommend her Soul Integrations. They're a highly effective spiritual tool for all those seeking greater alignment with the Universal Consciousness."

Ron Misik, Houston TX

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