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My name is Lilia Birem. My message to you is that all that you currently experience in your life is only but a reflection of your inner world. All that is present or missing in your life, either good or bad, is but a manifestation in perfect alignment with your beliefs about yourself and the world...    read more


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Sunday, July 11, 2021
An illness of the body is a HEALING PROCESS of the soul

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share a truth that is often overlooked:

--When an illness is found in the BODY, it is an indication that a healing of the SOUL is occurring.

I find it crucial to speak out this truth loud and clear, because when we are faced with a physical disturbance, especially those that are difficult to resolve, it can be easy to feel disempowered and sink into hopelessness.

BUT remember this: the more serious the illness, the BIGGER the soul transformation. It is as if the soul was shedding very thick and worn out layers, a sort of detoxification of the higher planes of consciousness.
For example, most people who have recovered from cancer have something in common: they tend to have an expanded perception of life that allows them to experience more meaningful relationships, a more comprehensive acceptance of who they are, an expanded ability to forgive, and an enhanced ability to appreciate life as a whole.

There are different roots to cancer depending on where it is found in the body, but as a general rule, cancer is often linked to unforgiveness of the Self by holding on to old guilt, or repressed self-directed anger. Cancer is a way to releasing the guilt and/or the anger. This releasing is either accomplished in this realm, allowing a full physical ... read full blog

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