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Acu Energetic Mapping (AEM)

"The issues are in the tissues"
"Your body is your subconscious mind" -Dr. Candace Pert

What is AEM?

Acu Energetic Mapping uses the physical body to identify what is holding you back from fulfilling your purpose and reaching Self-Actualization. AEM locates pain or discomfort in the body and identifies the emotion attached to it. We then are able to trace it back to the issue that is associated with it in your life. From there, we can determine a strategy for healing and transformation that it suitable for you.

Why should I use AEM?

All past negative emotions and beliefs are held as energetic blockages in your physical body. Those energetic blockages not only may cause discomfort in your body, but also express themselves in your experience of life. They shape your perception of the world and the perception of your own Self. They literally determine the choices and decisions you make on a daily basis. They shape your thinking, your perception, your actions and reactions. They limit your "range of motion" in the world. Ultimately, they shape everything in your life. They keep you stuck in your current life situation.

What are the benefits of AEM?

Clearing, clearing, clearing, and widening your personal power bandwidth. AEM allows you to become aware of where you are losing power. Negative emotions that were not processed and cleared, are huge personal power drains. The more drains, the less power to manifest the life you want. It is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that an emotion held in the body will be "kept alive" by your body by allocating some of its very own life force to it. Hence, if kept too long, it can literally deplete you and make you physically weaker or even ill. In your daily life, it shows up as not being able to follow through with your plans and projects, not being able to generate more money, not being able to sustain a harmonious romantic relationship, and overall, not being able to behave and make choices that are in alignment with the highest version of your Self.

Once you become aware of an energetic blockage and its origin, you can then clear and transform it. You then recover long lost power, that is now available to you to create the life you want.

What happens during a AEM session?

While in the AEM session, I will first do an intake and then proceed to scanning your body by applying light pressure on particular acupressure points, fallowing an intelligent energetic map. Soreness at a certain point, and the quality of soreness, indicates an issue buried in the layers of your emotional body that needs healing and processing.

I will give you a chart of your body indicating the different areas of stored negative emotions, with a description of what they are related to in your life. From there, we can together determine a strategy for healing, that will allow you to gain back your power to fulfill your highest potential in the world.

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